❤ His Glorious Ruin
Hi my name is Evan. Born and raised in Oklahoma. I'm a Reformed Believer, Hooper, and a Full-Time Student. I enjoy fellowship, dancing, reading, traveling, chicken, and rootbeer. Pretty simple, get to know me!

"So now I’m patient in tribulation. Why? Because I’m not [home] yet. I’m patient because God is sovereign and mighty. He has let nothing befall my life that hasn’t passed through His hands. Which means if I’m suffering, what I need in order to grab hold of Him, lay hold of Him and walk with Him in a way that is deep, intimate and rich is a bit of pain. And it would be cruel of Him to not give me pain and rob me of Him. So to wound me and allow that wound to get me more of God is an unbelievable act of mercy. And for Him to refuse to wound me and let me simply run in happiness and health but not grant me knowledge of Him would be His wrath. So I always want to encourage you to be careful how you’re judging things. Because sometimes success, money, health and all of that stuff can be God’s wrath. That’s not always God’s blessing. Sometimes it’s God going, “Okay, you want all of that stuff instead of Me? Take it.” Be patient in tribulation. God is sovereign, my future is secure and He will be all I need for today.” - Matt Chandler, Gospel-Centered Community

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