❤ His Glorious Ruin
Hi my name is Evan. Born and raised in Oklahoma. I'm a Reformed Believer, Hooper, and a Full-Time Student. I enjoy fellowship, dancing, reading, traveling, chicken, and rootbeer. Pretty simple, get to know me!

Listen ladies. Something God’s been teaching me in the past 24 hours is this: We can sit around and condemn our brothers in Christ for watching hardcore or softcore pornography all day. But what about the log in our own eyes? You know what I’m talking about. You know that romance novel on your bookshelf? The chick flick you fawned over with your girlfriends or in solitude over a pint of ice creamthe other night? Or that time you layed in bed and fantacised your own personal Notebook love story?

It’s all emotional pornography. There’s no ifs, ands, or buts. It doesn’t have to be sexually driven to be destructive for our hearts or in our pursuit for Christ.

This Valentine’s Day, as the world throws all of its definitions of love your way, I hope and pray that you turn your eyes upon His truth. Don’t feed your desires and longings for a boyfriend with a romance novel. Your purity is too sacred for that, dear sisters. Aim for Christ. In all you do, aim for Christ. Take a good look at your heart. What turns you away from your pursuit? Is it romance? Do you desire a boyfriend more than God sometimes? I know I sure do. And I think it’s about time I start taking some serious steps to getting all these grimy little stumbling blocks out of my life. The movies, the books, the songs and all.

If it doesn’t awaken your heart to the power of the Gospel in some way, or if it slows your down, causes you to stumble or maybe even stops your sprint towards the Cross entirely, then you can bet that it is not at all edifying to your relationship with Him.

Be careful, brothers and sisters. Keep fighting the good fight. Deny your flesh, deny your emotions. Look upon Christ and live the Gospel centered life we are all called to live. He is better. I promise you this: He is much better. He is the meat. The four course meal. And that silly little Nicholas Sparks movie? It is but a piece of candy to your dying, starved flesh.

(Via http://arebelsguidetojoy.tumblr.com/) Go follow my dear sister Shelby and be encouraged! Soli Deo Gloria!